Canoe hire

Hire a canoe and go in search of pirates.

With room for a picnic, children and even dogs, canoes are ideal for exploring everything the lake has to offer. We’ve heard rumours that you may even see pirates…

From £36 for 2 hours

Hou 14

Hou 14 canadian canoe, being paddled as a single hander

Suitable for 1 or 2 adults. Max 234kg.

£36 for the first two hours and £12 per hour for any additional hours

Hou prospector

Suitable for 2 adults, or 2 Adults and 1 Child. Up to 276kg.

£42 for the first two hours and £14 per hour for any additional hours

Hou chieftan

Suitable for 3 Adults, or 2Adults and 2 Children. Up to 330kg.

£55 for the first two hours and £18 per hour for any additional hours

Large raft

Raft of 2 chieftians. For up to 8 people. Upto 660kg

£80 for the first two hours and £25 per hour for any additional hours

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Canoeing is a great way to explore all that Derwentwater has to offer. There’s an abundance of wildlife to see – even an occasional alpaca having a drink from the waters edge. Why not collect a bag of scones and cakes from the cafe and stop for a picnic on one of the islands? St Herberts is the perfect place to look for pirates and we’ve had many reported sightings of faeries in the middle. Shhhh….you have to be very quiet to be able to see them.

You don’t need any special abilities or requirements to come along and enjoy canoeing. If you’ve never used a canoe before, just let our instructors know and they’ll teach you the basics of balance and paddling.

Bringing children?

Children love the adventure of canoeing. To make the canoe more stable, you may wish to consider rafted canoes for extra stability.

The opportunity to have a go at paddling, but to be able to rest when they are tired, is perfect for children. There are many opportunities for games of ‘spot the pirate’ or see how many different species of bird you can discover. Of course, older children love to take charge and become captain of the boat.  There’s plenty of space for those all important drinks and snacks, towels and spare clothes!

Younger children are very welcome and we have buoyancy aids available for children from six weeks. Unless you are very experienced, we recommend rafted canoes for extra stability. If you wish to bring a child under 18 months, please speak to our boat staff and refer to our terms and conditions before booking. Under sixteens must have an over 18 year old within the supervising group.

Bringing dogs?

Well behaved and happy dogs are very welcome on our canoes and we love to see them enjoying the lake. Please make sure that you pick up their waste. If your dog is unhappy on the water or will dive around and make you capsize then we advise leaving them at home.

What to bring

You will most likely stay fairly dry in a canoe, but it’s always advisable to have a towel and change of clothing and footwear available just in case.

Buoyancy aids are available to hire free of charge and must be worn at all times on the water.

On a cold day – bring a warm jacket. On a hot day, you’ll be grateful for sun tan lotion and sunglasses – the glare from the water is quite powerful.

Due to changes in our insurance, we have to insist on footwear being worn on the boats. Please bring suitable footwear that you don’t mind getting wet.

A towel is very useful for drying off and getting changed.

Electronics and water do not mix well. Soggy car keys, phones and cameras make customers cry and make us all sad. Please either bring or buy a dry bag or leave your valuables at home. Small dry bags are widely available online or we have a selection available for sale at Nichol End.

Canoe Briefing

What you need to know when hiring a canoe on Derwentwater.

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Dogs, kids, bad weather, kit lists… All the info we think you might want can be found here

Covid Information

Find out how we plan to keep all our customers and staff safe during covid 19.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

See here for our cancellation policy and a nifty link to message us a refund request.

Hire Agreement

When you make a booking you are accepting our hire agreement. So have a read!

If you have any questions or queries then either ask on the day, drop us an email or give us a ring.

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