Changing Facilities

Due to covid changing facilities are limited. Please only book a changing room if you need it.

Firstly wetsuits are available, and there is no need to book them – there are plenty.  All wetsuits are washed in laundry detergent, and then sanitised after use.  

If you are going in a canoe, wayfarer or rowing boat you are unlikely to get wet (its not impossible so bring spare clothes just in case) so you probably don’t need a changing room – just arrive a couple of minutes early. We do keep a single changing area off the list in case of emergencies… so if the worst happens and you capsize there are options for getting dry.

If you are going in a kayak, on a paddleboard or in a small dinghy then you are likely to get wet and unless its particularly warm then a wetsuit is advised.  At this point we need to think about changing…

Changing Room Options

(The cost covers the staff cost of having someone to thoroughly scrub each changing room after use)

1) No changing needed.  For rowing boats, canoes or if you have your own wetsuits, and you either plan to wear them on arrival or do the shuggle behind your car…   We expect you to arrive changed and ready to go on the water at the start time of your session.

2) Shared Changing tent – We have 2 changing tents available for people to get changed quickly in to a wetsuit,  These are sprayed down with medical sanitiser between uses, they are not reservable.  Ideal for individuals and adults, less ideal for families and groups.

2) Private outdoor tent changing £2.00  A space in a marquee 2m by 3m.  These will be cleaned before each group (walls and chairs sprayed with medical sanitiser and the floor matting mopped)  They are bookable in 3 hour increments from half an hour before your session to half an hour after.  They will be equipped with 3 chairs and some clothes hooks.  There is a single outdoor shower for you to rinse off any mud… You can leave (non-valuable) belongings at your own risk but be aware that there is no lock or other security provided.  Some families have been using these as a mini cabana where granma can have a private tea when the family is out on the water.  If you want a small table for tea and scones in here just ask one of our beach staff.  Lake views are included…

3) Private indoor Changing with shower. £4.00 (family) / £6.00 (small group) This is where you book a changing room for just over 3 hours. The changing room will be cleaned before your arrival, it’s yours for just over 3 hours then we ventilate it and deep clean it before the next arrival.  We have 2 family changing rooms, 2 group ones and a disabled one (with a shower and a loo).  Please choose one that is just big enough for your group!  The disabled one would also suit a family or small group, we want to reserve it for disabled people or those with mobility problems initially, if it is the only one left it is ok for anyone to book it.  These will have simple locks on them, so you can leave your personal belongings if you wish at your own risk.  

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