Boat Hire agreement

All participants must: – 

  1. Always wear a correct fitting and fully fastened buoyancy aid or lifejacket.
  2. Stay on Derwentwater unless we have given written permission otherwise.
  3. Follow all instructions given by Nichol End Marine staff, and in the briefing document.
  4. If hiring as a group, stay as a group and inform Nichol End Marine when the group is back off the water. 
  5. Inform Nichol End Marine about any personal issues i.e. disabilities or medical conditions that may interfere with their own or others safety.  It is the participant’s responsibility to consult a medical professional about their fitness to participate in water activities.  
  6. Be sober and free from substances that may impair their abilities or reaction times.
  7. Only use Nichol End Marine hire service during the hours of daylight and at times where Nichol End Marine have agreed rescue cover.
  8. Be 16 years of age, or over, to hire a craft without an adult.
  9. Take special care to stay out of the way of the Keswick Launch ferries.
  10. Groups to provide copies of their AALA license, charitable status and insurance if teaching under 18’s when the children’s parents are absent.
  11. Be aware that damage to Nichol End Marine property may be charged for.
  12. Accept that there is a risk of damage or loss to property taken onto the lake.
  13. Be aware of the danger to feet. You need to bring and wear suitable foot protection. (i.e old trainers or wetshoes).
  14. Accept that all water activities carry a degree of risk.
  15. Be aware that modern electronic devices do not mix well with water. A phone is a useful safety tool, but it is also vulnerable to water damage. Please take steps to ensure your devices are safe.
  16. Put our number on speed dial (017687 73687) If they choose to take their phone on the water. In certain weather conditions our dynamic risk assessment may require you to take a charged phone if you wish to avoid cancellation of the session (in winter or moderately bad weather conditions)

All customers hiring a boat/craft should: – 

  1. Take care of our craft.
  2. Take special care to avoid the shallow areas indicated
  3. Report all damage to a Nichol End Marine member of staff.
  4. Inform Nichol End Marine about any problems on the water so that Nichol End Marine can address the issue.  Please report any accidents or near misses – even if minor.  This will allow us to review and modify our procedures in the future.
  5. Respect our lake and other water users.
  6. Be aware that Nichol End Marine may curtail a session if an individual or group’s behaviour threatens safety.  In this scenario no refunds will be given.
  7. Nichol End Marine may take photos from time to time to record achievements.  These photos may be used to promote water activities in PR material.   Please inform Nichol End Marine if this is not acceptable.

Nichol End Marine reserve the right to cancel or curtail any session for any reason they see fit.

Nichol End Marine will:-

  1. Have first aid cover and a rescue boat on standby whenever customers are on Derwentwater in or on our craft.
  2. Ensure boats are suitably equipped.
  3. Ensure that equipment is inspected and maintained regularly
  4. Initiate emergency procedures when needed
  5. Provide appropriately qualified, vetted and trained Instructors for instructed sessions and to supervise hire.
  6. Conduct on-going risk assessments and may limit sessions or impose additional conditions at any point.  Nichol End Marine will consider lake conditions, current and forecast weather reports, customers reported and assessed ability and other information.  Nichol End Marine’s decision is final.

Data Protection

  1. We will never share your information with other companies or agencies without your permission unless we have a good reason such as strong suspicion of criminal activity or concern for your wellbeing.  If you are late back or we have other reason to be concerned about you we may need to ask for outside help from agencies such as the coastguard, police, mountain rescue, first responders, the ambulance service, other centres on the lake.  We will only share enough info for an effective search and treatment.
  2. In the short term (hours – days) this information is kept on hand to keep track of who is on the lake and when they are due back.
  3. In the medium term (weeks) it is kept as a digital copy locally so that hire staff can address issues – such as lost property, comments or complaints.  We may use the information provided to contact you in this situation. 
  4. In the longer term (months – 4 years) it is kept securely as a digital image so only managers can access the form.  This would be to resolve complaints etc.  These are normally destroyed after 3 years unless we are aware of an incident or complaint involving a child in which case they may be kept for upto 22 years.

Nichol End Marine. Portinscale, Keswick, Cumbria. CA12 5TY. 

Tel. 017687 73082.

Registered address:  Nichol End Marine Limited, 2nd Floor, 121 Duke Street, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. LA14 1AX

Registered in England & Wales. Company no:8395361. VAT registration: 157 5268 84

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