What happens if you’ve booked in advance and the weather is really dreadful?

Short answer: Don’t worry – we can change it, cancel it or rebook it.

Long answer: If you’ve booked to go out on the water, there are a few things it’s reassuring to know:

1) if the weather is foul and we don’t think it’s safe for you to go out, we will cancel and offer you a choice of full refund or rebook you to another day

2) if the weather isn’t suitable for your booked activity but a different activity would be ok, we’ll offer you the choice of switching, as long as we have availability for the alternative activity. If we can’t, or you don’t want to switch, then we’ll rebook or refund.

3) if it’s just a bit drizzly and not windy, we’ll still encourage you to go out and have a great time. Often, the best experiences happen in those conditions and it’s well worth a try. The weather can also brighten up very quickly.

4) Talk to us. If we think it’s safe, but you think it would be an unpleasant and unhappy experience, then we can rebook you to another day/time.

Does that sound good?

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