April 2022 Update

The lake is very cold at the moment – and the current weather and forecast is not helping.

If you are planning to hire boats please remember to bring cold weather clothing – gloves, hats, fleeces, waterproofs… If it is horrible in the morning (especially if its windy, or you have small people in your booking) please give us a ring before setting off. We can discuss and go ahead, shorten your session and do a partial refund, swap boat types or cancel your session and rebook or refund.


There are about 20 car parking spaces onsite available to use at the moment – which should be enough to meet demand. The top row of cars on the hill are usually staff cars so you can normally block these in (please ask) There are still a lot of boats and trailers overwintering on site and we are launching and clearing this as quickly as possible. Please bear with us as we make more space.

Unfortunately the little car park at the end of the lane has been declined planning permission and has closed. We are working hard to make more parking space onsite.

From May, we hope to have around 40 spaces on site which is enough for all but the very busiest days.

Please car share where possible, and leave plenty of time to get parked and changed.


We are working hard to get the cafe open – we expect to offer a very limited take away service from 1pm on the 9th of April, and will reopen fully at 10am on the 10th April. The cafe will open Friday, Saturday and Sundays initially – we hope to increase to 7 days a week opening from June.

Boat Hire

Is now available. Click on the blue book now button on the bottom right of the page to book. There are only short sessions available at the moment until the lake warms up a little. Although do contact us if you have plenty of experience and would like a longer session.

Arrival Time

If you need to get changed into a wetsuit please arrive about 30 minutes before your booked time. If you are not needing to change then please arrive 5-10 minutes early.

What to Bring

  • Footwear is essential
  • If you are likely to get wet then swimwear and Towels
  • A change of clothes just in case is always a good plan.
  • If its warm then sun cream, sunhats and a water bottle.
  • If its cold or its early or late in the season so the lake will be cold then please bring warm clothing. A fleece and windproof / waterproof over a wetsuit makes it much warmer.

Questions? Problems?

The easiest way is to drop us an email at info@nicholend.co.uk or call 017687 73082

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